Cum Faci Server De Cabal(English)

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Cum Faci Server De Cabal(English)

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Complete guide to setting up cabal server
By Dj Styfler

All the Rapidshare links in this guide were made by me, and i researched and found all the other Official links so i give credits to this guide 100% to me. Please dont leech.

Required items:

* A computer - Vista or XP installed on the HDD
* Internet connection
* A brain
* And the ability to read
* Google skills to google stuff on Step B instruction 3.
* And in Step D Instruction 24 where it says Jimmy, You can name it ANYTHING if u want.
* Knowing how to use to get what u need faster.

Step A: Installing Centos and VMware on your pc.

1. First we need to get VMware so download it here:


2. Create a Folder in your C:\ named VMware

3. extract the Desktop rars to that folder you just made

3.5. Install this VMware to your PC


4. Download Centos 5.1 torrent, and then Extract it to the VMware folder you made.


5. Open VMware and click Open then locate your VMware/centos folder on your harddrive and open the centos file you see.

6. Now let it install Centos, if it asks for Root password put "thoughtpolice" without the "s. Once Centos is installed you will come to a log in screen. Type Root. Push enter. Type thoughtpolice. Push enter, and bam logged in.

Done with First Step, Now to move on.

Step B: Downloading and Extracting the Cabal files to your Centos Desktop

1. Ok now on your Centos VMware (im going to call it linux pc) open the web browser

2. Now in the webbrowsers url address bar type this


3. Click Go and then save it to your desktop, Now your going to have to dl a unzipper for your linux pc so you can unzip it. I have seemed to lost the .exe installer on my linux pc so your going to have to get on your linux pc and open the web browser and google stuff like "Centos unzip program download" and when you find one install and then your ready for the next instruction.

4. Extract to your centos Desktop.

*Note Change all ip from folders

Done with Step B. Time to move on to Step C.

Step C: Downloading and installing MSsql 2000 or 2005 to your pc.

1. Download Microsoft SQL server 2005 Express edition, The link is below.


2. Download SQL Server management Studio express, The link is below.


3. Install Microsoft SQL server 2005 Express edition.

4. Install SQL server management studio express.

*please note: if you are having problems installing or running that program, install this :

Step D: Extracting the DB

1. On your Windows Pc, Make a folder in your harddrive named (Private server data).

2. Download and extract this to that folder.

Cod: db.rar.html

3. Now open up SQL management studio express (Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL server 2005 > SQL server management studio express)

4. Click Connect.

5. Now on the Left side of Microsoft SQL Server management Studio Express will be a folder named Databases. Double Click that.

6. Now you will see System Databases in the big part of the middle of the program.

7. Right click under System databases, anywhere in the white, and select New Database.

8. Name it Cabal, and click Ok.

9. Now right click under your newly created database called Cabal, and click New Database.

10. Name this one Cabalcash, and click ok.

11. Now right click under your newly created database called Cabalcash, and click New Database.

12. Name this one GameDB, and click Ok.

13. Now right click GameDB, Click Tasks, Click restore, click database...

14. Now where you see Source for restore section, Click from device then click the ... button.

15. Now click Add. Then navigate to C:\Private Server Data\Db\Gamedb (If you can see it click the Files type, select All Files)

16. Click Ok, Now you will see it in the box, Check the box, Then up in the top left under General click Options. Click Overwrite DB. Click Ok, Let it extract.

17. Now Right click Databases and Select Attach...

18. Click Add, navigate to your C:\Private Server Data\db\

19. Click Account_data.MDF (Click options and change the C:\Microsoft blah blah blah to C:\Private Server Data\DB\account )

20. Click Ok

21. Now Repeat steps 17, 18, 19, 20 for Cabal_managerdb_data.mdf, Cabal_Stat_Data.mdf, cabalcash_data.mdf, and Event.mdf.

22. Next Under the Security Folder Right Click Logins.

23. Click New Login.

24. Now as the log in name type "Jimmy" without "s. Next Click SQL authentication, Type in any pass you wish and you will see three boxes under the passwords, uncheck them all going from bottom to top. Next in the top left click Server Roles. Click sysadmin. Now in the top left click User mapping. Then check all the boxes for = Account, Cabalcash, Cabal_Strat, Event, GameDB, Cabal_managerdb. Now click Ok. (note: if you are having problems with the Cabal already made thing message, just put your first name instead of Cabal as the log in name.)

25. Now download this and extract to your private server data folder on your hard drive.

Cod: xp_md5.rar.html

26. Next in your Microsoft SQL server management studio express click File > New > Database query

27. Then insert this and click execute

EXEC SP_ADDEXTENDEDPROC 'xp_md5','c:\Private Server Data\xp_md5.dll'

Made By Dj Styfler


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